• Meet Pennie Lane

    Welcome to the site of the real-life Pennie Lane. Yes, she does exist! She walks among us. You might pass her on a street, in a store, or while riding your bike. You might catch her eye in a crowded restaurant, in an art gallery, or more likely, in a small club listening to a hot but unknown band. How would you know if it was her?

    The fact is, you wouldn't. Pennie Lane is, and has always been, very careful about that. She believes that her personal life is, well, personal. She never believed in selling her memoirs, although she has been asked. She just doesn't kiss and tell!

    It is a fascinating story about a woman who never planned to tell it. In the end, she didn't have to, for someone else did. Sometimes life takes some unexpected turns, and opportunities present themselves in the most unusual ways. Pennie Lane understands this. She believes in destiny.


When the actors on GRIMM morph into monsters in a nano second, it never ceases to shock me. This weekend’s highlight was THE party at HIVE FX, where the crowd was awed to see the art and technology of how those special effects were created. In a rustic, urban loft, screens sit on banks of … Continue reading

Mail in your door

A Nice Letter

A very nice letter came in a few days ago that I felt like sharing! Hi Pennie, I’m a senior in high school and I’ve been in love with rock n roll ever since I could remember. My parents are still hippies and I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin, Bad Company etc. I fell … Continue reading

palm trees

Almost Famous Block Party!

His name says it all. I’ve seen Kevin Leap in action and it is pretty. As the new President of the San Diego Film Festival, Kevin is raising the bar on this year’s event, as he does with any and every event he touches. Considerable talent and track record aside, his enthusiasm and vision, surrounded … Continue reading


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